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Challenging The Challanges

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    Easy access control for complex industrial infrastructures

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    Keeping your homes & complexes safe

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    Unerring protection from intellectual property theft

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    Controls security breach in high security zones.



Planning for an Integrated and Converged Physical Security Solution

Physical Security & surveillance platform mainly comprise of following sub systems: Electronic Access Control System, Alarm Systems and Sensors, Intrusion Detection, Logical Access Control and Video Surveillance. These systems have been in existence for quite some time now. Enterprises talk about Integration and convergence of these sub-systems and overall IT Infrastructure. The blog tries to…


Do we really need smart cards for e-governance projects?

Few days back, I attended a conference on e-governance and digital identity and as usual the various organizations (Smart Card manufacturers) were stressing upon the need of smart cards as an indispensable tool for authentication and authorization of citizens to avail benefits for various government subsidized schemes. Various arguments (as per understanding) to support the…


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